Camping holidays around Périgueux

Périgueux, with her past dating back to Roman times, is a dive into history. There are many traces of the Romans presence at the Vesunna Gallo-Roman Museum.
The Middle Ages, in particular, are still very much present with the Saint-Front cathedral and medieval houses. The Cathedral, with its Byzantine influences, built on a hill, is a major stage on the road to Compostela. The Renaissance period is still visible in the elegant mansions and the nineteenth century finally traced its wide avenues in the Belle Epoque style.
Along the River Valley of the Isle, many campsites allow you to visit Périgueux. All offer quality amenities and comfortable accommodations.

Villages and towns dot the riverbanks. “Gabarres” (local barge-type ships) offer you a lovely trip on the water. You can also choose biking by taking the Green Lane Isle Valley Route, a 86 km long biking and walking path, which sometimes skirts the river.

Besides Périgueux, this region of the Dordogne, allows you also to visit Brantôme, the Vézère Valley or Bergerac… or even Bordeaux, just 40 minutes away.

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